SU Podium V2 Upgrade

SU Podium V2 has a completely new photo-realistic rendering engine with new raytracing and global illumination technology. Yet it retains the simple user interface that made SU Podium popular among SketchUp users. This version includes real reflections, refractions, blurred reflections, several types of lights, bump mapping but most of all it provides high quality rendered images. SU Podium V2 upgrade is for SU Podium 1.X users. You must have a SU Podium 1.X serial number to upgrade.

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Upgrade Serial Number Check

If Podium 1.x is loaded in SketchUp you can retrieve your serial number by going to the Ruby Console and entering - puts Sketchup.read_default("PDM", "serial", ""). The Ruby console will then display your serial number. If you do not know your serial number and SU Podium is not loaded into SketchUp contact - to ask for your serial number. Please give us as much information as you can including the name of the person who purchased the license.

Version 1.x Serial Number

Example: 111-222-333